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New Zealand Facts

Here are just few New Zealand Facts to...
provide a backdrop for your New Zealand Holidays.

New Zealand Facts

  • The Capital City
  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Animals, Flora and Fauna

  • Size

    Approximately the size of Great Britain and Colorado New Zealand is similar in shape to Japan.

    New Zealand Flag


    The New Zealand Flag is derived from the historical tie to Great Britain. It features the Union Jack in the upper left corner. Prominent in the night sky is the constellation Southern Cross. This is represented in the right of the Flag of New Zealand by the four red stars and set against a Significantly Blue background.

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    New Zealand currently has a population of about only 4.25 million (2008).

    This helps make it ideal for your holiday destination as it is one of the world's least crowded countries. New Zealand offers peace, rejuvenation, relaxation and safety - this in an incomparably beautiful setting.

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    The New Zealand Geography is comprised of two main islands - the North Island and the South Island - plus many small islands.

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    One of the amazing New Zealand Facts everyone seems to remember is the number of sheep in New Zealand. In the '70s and '80s there were about 90 million sheep in New Zealand. These days the numbers are about a third of this as agricultural diversity has given way to different herds and crops. Venison, Llamas, wine, fruit all share space with the traditional beef, dairy, sheep and vegetable crops alike.

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    New Zealand is home to the Maoris - a Polynesian race like the Tahitians and Hawaiians, who sailed from the Society Islands in the Southern Cook islands region about the late 13th century.

    Click for New Zealand History Info

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    Flora and Fauna

    Representative of the very different New Zealand Animals, birds and plants are the national emblems - the Kiwi and the Silver Fern.

    Click this link to learn more about the New Zealand Kiwi

    Click for New Zealand Animals, Birds and Plant (the Fauna & Flora) Info

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    The Capital City

    The Capital of New Zealand is Wellington, situated at the base of the North Island. It is nestled at the base of mountains alongside a natural harbor that borders Cook Strait.

    Wellington's population is ...

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    New Zealand is a Parliamentary Democracy.

    Sidenote: Reaganomics prompted the then NZ Finance Minister - Roger Douglas, to de-nationalize most of the government controlled entities and convert them to free market enterprises. I worked for Roger Douglas during a school holiday vacation when he was previously a Controller/Accountant for Bremworth carpets.

    "The Fourth Labour Government of New Zealand was the government of New Zealand from 26 July 1984 to 2 November 1990. It enacted major social and economic reforms, including reformation of the tax system. The economic reforms were known as Rogernomics after Finance Minister Roger Douglas." - Wikipedia

    These are just some of the Facts About New Zealand. Are you ready to pack for your New Zealand Holidays?

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